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Acorn Stair Lift

If you are looking for the Acorn Stair Lift you have come to the right place. Listed below are suppliers that offer the Acorn Stair Lift for the best prices.

Take a look at each and compare for yourself.

Whether it is because of age or a medical condition, Acorn Stair lifts will be an ideal way to allow movement between floors.

As people get older and less mobile, climbing the stairs can become more difficult.

Here is Where You Will Find Top Rated Acorn Stair Lifts at Discounted Prices 

Electric Lift Chair were invented because it is not always practical to relocate everyone into a stair-less environment, and some homes cannot be altered enough to make a real difference to the quality of life of the resident. Because of this, considering using an Acorn Stair Lift can be a way to avoid unnecessary complications in the home for the less mobile.

It is simply attached to one side of the stairwell, and a motorized seat is included.  This then slides facing sideways up or down the flight of stairs, allowing easy exit at the top or bottom.  One of the best things about Acorn stair lifts is that they do not get in the way for those who can climb stairs in the regular fashion.  They allow combined use of the stairs, letting everyone access all floors without assistance.

Standard features of the Acorn Stair Lift are quite extensive and add to the reputation of the brand as being high quality providers.  Each chair has very easy to use functions, operated by a paddle control. You will always know exactly what is set and what will happen thanks to the digital display unit.

Another feature is the ability to turn the chair itself. This means that you are not expected to climb into it pointing sideways which is excellent for transporting those in wheelchairs or when the user is not comfortable about the position. Simply swivel the chair to face the correct direction for being seated or standing.

The movement with an Acorn stair lift is fluid and won’t jar the user around.  It glides to a comfortable stop and doesn’t jump off at the start – meaning there is no cause for concern or needing to brace for the start and end of a journey.  There are plenty of safety features including a cut off switch and foot rests that allow the user to feel stable.  It is a very quietly operating system and is designed for easy installation.

One of the greatest achievements in the Acorn stair lift range are the versions that allow for use on curved or even outdoor stairs. The added freedom this gives to a person who is unable to take stairs in their designed way can lead to the ability to get into more places around the home and leads to much higher independence.

The curved Acorn stair lift is also ideal for using stairs that have multiple flights or are designed with landings separating areas, because it can get around the square corners that are traditional to these types.

Acorn stair lifts allow users to access more areas easily and quickly, without any major upgrades required to the home. They also continue to run during power outages which means you’ll never be stranded on one floor.  Acorn stair lifts are high quality, dependable and a worthwhile addition for anyone with mobility issues.

Here is Where You Will Find Top Rated Acorn Stair Lifts at Discounted Prices