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Balance Exercises for Seniors

Seniors Will Learn How to Avoid Slip Accidents with These Easy Balance Exercises

Balance exercises for seniors are very important in preventing slip and fall accidents.

It is important for seniors to avoid slip accidents because according to statistics falls in the elderly have been pointed at as the cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries.

Having the knowledge and the necessary information in learning how to avoid slip accidents will help the elderly to avoid the common injuries that are sustained after a fall accident happens: wrist, hip, and spine fractures which in their own results to disabilities.

There are many instances where seniors can manage how to avoid slip accidents. It can be done through proper housekeeping, wearing the right footwear, installing handlebars in strategic areas in the home, using mobility aids that help with balance and most of all by regularly performing balance exercises.

Balance exercises for seniors help build and maintain strong leg and muscles. Having better balance helps reduce the risk of fall accidents in seniors.

Balance Exercises for SeniorsThis site lists down balance exercises that seniors can easily perform but before we come to that, seniors should also take note that before they start with an exercise program they must consider safety precautions first.

• Check with your doctor before doing any exercise to see if you are fit enough to perform such types of physical exertion.
• If the doctor gives you the okay, you should first hold on to a chair or a table for balance while trying to execute an exercise for the first time. You can also have someone watch over you and assist you as you try to perform the balance exercises outlined below for the first time.
• When you are already confident about your balance, you can start using one hand and as you progress you can then use your fingertips until you will no longer need to hold on to anything anymore.

Exercises For The Elderly That Improve Balance

1. Standing On One Leg

While standing behind a table or a chair for supports, you should place your feet about 6 inches apart then try to lift one leg about off the ground. Try to hold this position for 10 seconds afterwards, do the same with the other leg.

2. Hip Flexion

While standing behind a table or a chair for supports and holding on to any of the two, separate your feet slightly apart. Try to slowly bend one knee towards your chest and hold on to this position for 5 seconds. After that, do the same with the other leg and continue doing so until you have done 10 lifts for each leg

The two exercises above should be performed two or three times a day to get its maximum benefits.

3. Heel To Toe

This is a balance exercise that the elderly can easily do. While walking and holding on to handlebars or a table, try to walk the whole length of the bars or the table all the while placing the heel of one foot in front of the toe of the other.

4. Tip Toe

While holding on to a table or a chair try to repeatedly stand on tiptoes. This has the effect of strengthening the muscles of the calf.

5. Tai Chi and Gentle Yoga

These two have gained interest over the years because scientists theorize that the swaying and circular motion helps individuals with finding their center thus improving their balance. Performing gentle yoga use breathing techniques and body movements for improving balance.

These balance exercises for seniors will not only help the elderly learn how to avoid slip accidents and improve their balance but also have the benefit of improving blood circulation for a healthier body.  It is also a good idea to have a healthy diet and eat the right foods that help slow aging.

As always it is highly recommended that seniors see their doctor now before it’s too late and start regular physical activities.