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Best Ways to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents for Seniors

Learning how to prevent slip and fall accidents for seniors is a must because statistically speaking, seniors are highly at risk of slipping and falling because of their age.

Here you will learn the best ways for seniors to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Why is this such a concern?

Statistics show that 1 out of 3 seniors aged 65 and above suffer from slip and fall aciden each year. These acidents can also proe fatal.

This high incidence is the reason why it is a must for us to prevent slip and fall accidents for seniors.

slip and fall accidents for seniorsWhen seniors especially those who have Osteoporosis or other bone diseases, they become more susceptible to bone fractures.

When bone fractures occur it’s hard for the body to recover because the more we age, it becomes much more difficult for the body to heal because healing in those over 60 is not the same as those who are in their 20s.

Hence another reason that we should help prevent slip and fall accidents in seniors are the high cost of medical bills and hospital expense that they will incur once they suffer fractures due to slipping and falling.

To give these seniors a chance at living a normal life here are the best ways on preventing such accidents from happening to your beloved senior.


How Seniors Can Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

1. Good Housekeeping

This is one of the keys for preventing falling accidents, which is simple yet many of us fail to acknowledge.

Any kind of spills liquid or non-liquid should be cleaned immediately but if an area has not yet dried up, it should be marked by placing a chair or anything there which will make your senior become aware to tread carefully on the floor. Any clutter on the floor should be immediately swept away or picked up to avoid tripping on them.

Taping or tacking them to the floor should secure loose carpets, mats, and rugs or they can be removed entirely. The same should be done to appliance cables that cross walkways because they can cause a senior to trip and fall.

Good lighting is also important in a senior’s home because many seniors also suffer from eyesight problems. Thus it’s important that faulty light bulbs and switches should be replaced at the soonest possible time.

2. Footwear

Even with good housekeeping practices there is always the chance that seniors will trip and fall. Another reason for this is wearing ill-fitting shoes. So ensure that your favorite senior is wearing the right footwear.

High heels are not the best shoes for seniors; rather they can use low heels or flat shoes that fit them comfortably. It’s also better if the shoes have an anti-slip sole. Properly fitting shoes prevents foot fatigue and lets the wearer feel more comfortable and safe.

3. Assistive Devices

There are lots of assistive devices out there that can help prevent slip and fall accidents: handrails, non-slip tread, toilet seats with armrests, and grab bars. Stairways should have handrails on both sides; wood steps could use non-slip treads for traction; toilet seats should have armrests and the seat itself should be raised; the shower, tub, and even hallways should have grab bars to hold on to, to prevent slipping accidents. These devices mentioned should be referred to an occupational therapist that you can brainstorm with fall prevention strategies.

There are also assistive devices that you can bring with you to keep you from falling. Such devices are walkers and canes and they should properly fit you otherwise the purpose for using such is defeated. These devices are effective if there are no obstacles that impede their function such as a cluttered floor or loose carpets.

4. Physical Activity

Seniors need physical activity too as much as the younger generations do. The good effect of exercise is the same for all types of people, that is if they are done properly because it works at improving your strength, balance, and coordination.

Before you start with a fitness routine though, you should see your doctor first for a thorough medical evaluation so that he or she can recommend the types of physical exertion that you can do and how to properly execute those moves.

One last tip in order to prevent slip and fall accidents is to check with your doctor which of your medications if you’re taking any is wreaking havoc on your sense of balance. There are certain medications that do affect the sense of balance and cause slipping and falling in seniors.