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Brain Exercises for Seniors that Prevent Dementia


 Here you will learn simple and easy brain exercises for seniors that will prevent dimentia and improve memory.



Brain exercises for seniors may seem like an idea not worthy of consideration, because given the age of seniors and potentially their inability to affect change to their brain and memory capacity. 


In addition to eating the right super foods, studies have shown that brief but regular brain exercises can also have a profound effect on the brains of seniors help them them stay mentally fit. 



Many seniors remember those days when they could at will recite phone numbers of friends, recite a memorized speech, or recall persons without having any difficulty at all. These days even keys, eyeglasses, and other miscellaneous items are lost even when they were just placed in a specific spot a while ago.


If this is the kind of senior you are and you have yourself checked your doctor would probably tell you you’ve got nothing to worry about because if you notice that you have memory loss it means you are not really in big trouble. Of course such knowledge is not comforting which is why you will want to strive to improve your recall on things and what will help you in this situation is practicing brain training for seniors.


Here is a List of Easy Brain Exercises for Seniors

 Brain Exercises for Seniors

  1. Exercise a positive mental outlook


Having a positive disposition is the first step in keeping dementia at bay. According to numerous studies, those who have a happy and positive disposition are less likely to suffer from lapses of memory.


  1. Solving puzzles


Solving puzzles such as Sudoko, word search, crossword puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles have according to lots of studies shown a positive effect on memory and recall. Sudoko, crossword, and other number puzzles helps in strengthening long term memory while word search and jigsaw improve visual memory.


  1. Give in to curiosity


Try to learn a new thing everyday by looking it up on the Internet or reading out from an encyclopedia. You can do this by choosing any subject you know nothing about such as historical facts about the civil war or how golf balls came to be. There is an infinite amount of information seniors can learn everyday so that the mind is not idle.


  1. Do arithmetic


This next example in our short list of brain exercises for seniors that can do wonders in preventing dementia is doing simple arithmetic calculations. This can be done by borrowing your grandkid’s arithmetic book and solving problems in it on paper or through the head without the use of a calculator.


  1. Learn a new hobby


Hobbies such as crochet, knitting, scrap booking, and more require intense concentration and looking at patterns. Such things keeps the brain active and actually helps seniors in focusing their attention on something.


  1. Memorizing a poem


Choose a poem that you really love then slowly memorize it. You can start by reciting or writing down a line or two then gradually adding lines until you can recite or rewrite the whole thing.


  1. Use memory tags


Create a mental picture of what you want to remember and associate it with something that will make that thing it stand out. For example if you need to buy items for your son's birthday party, visualize the items actually being used by your son in the party, make the items stand out by thinking of them in outrageous colors and big proportions. For example: Visualize your son wearing a tall neon green party hat eating yellow spaghetti on an orange party plate using a giant spoon and fork.


  1. Switching


This method, which is really simple, actually encourages the growth of neurons. Switching your good hand to your weaker hand does this an example is using your left hand instead of your right when brushing your teeth.


Exercise be it physical or mental may not be a thing that many would like to do but when it if these are fun brain exercises for seniors then you will be interested in improving your mental capacity. You can simply choose any exercise from the short list above and do it everyday until it becomes a habit.