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Electric Lift Chair Buyer Guide

An electric lift chair can be a very helpful piece of furniture in the home of a senior or a person that has mobility challenges. 

Here is a buyer guide on what you need to know to select the right lift chair.


The electric lift chair is a big comfy recliner that is designed to be very easy for sit into and exit from. 

These electric recliner chairs have a hand held push button control that allows the chair to lift such that a person can sit in the chair from a standing position. 

The person can also exit from the chair in a standing position. 

These lift recliners are big and come in different versions so you want to be prepared to make a good decision when it is time to buy.  There are some very important considerations you should be aware of before purchasing an electric lift chair.

How to Select The Right Electric Lift Chair

Electric Lift Chair1.  First you must know which type will be best suited.  There are basically three versions of the lift chair.  They differ in their ability to recline.  The Two Position riser chair will recline up to 45 degrees.  The Three Position version reclines up to 180 degrees.  The Infinite chair reclines a little beyond180 degrees and has the ability to adjust the leg rest.

2. Next you need to know the weight and size of the person using the chair.  Some of these chairs have the ability to hold a heavier person if that is needed.

3. You also need to decide if you want a left-handed control device or right-handed control device.  Some have a cord that is long enough for either side.  Others give you the option.

4. These power recliner chairs come in different covering like vinyl and leather two of the most popular.  As well there will be color selections you need to make to be sure it matches the decor of your home.

5. A very important consideration will be to decide in advance where it will be placed in the home.  These chairs are large.  You want to make sure there is room enough for it.  Also you want to make sure it is in an area where there is the ability for power.  It will need to be plugged into a wall outlet for power.

6. Finally you should check with your physician, because there may be some allowances with your insurance where some of the cost can be a covered expense.

When you are ready to make a purchase of the electric lift chair two very popular brands are Golden and Pride.  As well, because these chair are big and bulky you may want to consider buying online.  Amazon is a trusted online company and you can view all their lift chairs by clicking on the link below.