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Fun Hobby Ideas for Seniors

Hobby ideas for seniors are important because this is one of the things that help seniors deal with the daily stressors of their lives such as suddenly finding themselves with nothing to do after years of being busy.

Hobby ideas for seniors will help them because having a hobby keeps them busy and happy at what they will accomplish.

Hobbies are something that a person pursues not only to keep them busy but also for fun and a different kind of satisfaction.

Here is a list of hobby ideas for seniors that you can recommend to your grandparents or any other senior friend to help them in their pursuit for something to do during leisure times.

Ballroom Dancing

For those seniors who can still strut their stuff, this is a highly recommended activity because it combines hobby with exercise. We all know that exercise is something that one should indulge in no matter how young or old one is.

What’s important though is that the doctor gives first the go signal before a senior indulges in any kind of ballroom dance to determine whether he or she is still fit for strenuous activities or not. If he or she has certain limitations due to health but is still interested in engaging in ballroom dance and if the doctor says it’s okay to do so then he or she can ask the dance instructor for slow and easy steps.


Hobby Ideas for SeniorsThese days a lot of elderly citizens are discovering their hidden talents in painting. Learning comes in any age, so if a senior feels that he has the skill or just even the interest which is what is most important then he or she can enrol in a painting class where he or she has the potential to meet new friends and acquaintances.

If painting classes are something an elderly cannot afford then books that aim to teach simple painting strokes are also another option.

Polymer Clay

Another item in this list of fun hobby ideas for seniors is something that those who already have limited manual dexterity can still enjoy, making simple items using polymer clay. This fun hobby not only gives them satisfaction at seeing their final output but also exercises their hands and fingers.


Many seniors are worried that this is a costly hobby due to the equipment they need to buy. The thing is DSLR cameras, lights, and other fancy photography stuff is not really needed.

A simple point and shoot camera that has a good resolution and elderly user friendly features are good enough. Just take pictures of people in their element, nature, or whatever is interesting at the moment is a great hobby to indulge in because stock pictures can be used for other hobbies such as the next one in this list.

Scrap booking and collage

It would be therapeutic to once again look at those old pictures from the box or an old album and place them in a scrapbook. Stock photos can be printed and used in scrapbooks and collage as well.


Giving back to the community has the benefit of meeting new acquaintances and friends but also has the benefit of helping the uplift not only the soul of those who were helped but also your own soul. Helping others need not come in the form of donations, because if a senior’s health allows it, he or she can always use their spare time to help in soup kitchens, tutoring a child, bake a cake for a local bake sale, reading books to sick kids at a local hospital and many more.

On a final note hobbies are what make life more interesting however some seniors might find that some of these hobbies are something they cannot do due to physical limitations. In choosing any activity from this listing of hobby ideas for seniors, one should consider physical limitations so that the hobby does not become taxing or boring on their part.