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How Pets for Seniors Can Help You Live Longer


Over the years there has been a rising concern regarding heart attacks and other diseases that effect how long we live.


Much research has been done in modern medicine and health sciences that tackle the issue of how to live longer.



However one of the simplest solutions to longevity is by simply owning a pet. Here you will learn how pets for seniors can help you live longer.


According to studies every one who owns a pet from the young to the young once has a decreased incidence of heart attach by up to thirty percent.


Pets connect to us on a deeper level than we are able to connect with other human beings which is why those who have pets tend to live longer.  As well there are a numer of  other benefits to owning a pet that helps with longevity.


Here are the Top 6 Reasons Why Pets for Seniors Can Help You Live Longer


  1. You can be yourself.


pets for seniorsWith pets there is no need to pretend to be someone you’re not nor can they ever put up a facade. Your pet will not judge you and your idiosyncrasies like other people would.


Pets will not laugh at your mistakes or make fun of you for being the way you are. Having pets gives you freedom from the stresses that we all go through when we face others on a daily basis.


  1. They are loving companions


Let’s face it, when we deal with others there is a tendency to lean towards conditional love but with pets, they give you unconditional love no matter what. You need not demand for their time and attention because they will willingly give it to you and continue to give it to you at any given time 24/7.


If you are really mindful of your pet, take note of their expressions and you will see that they will be full of love towards you.


  1. Your dose of daily exercise


Having a dog for instance helps you get your daily dose of exercise because dogs need to be walked daily for their own health and to keep them from getting bored. Walking on a regular basis has the benefit of giving the owner a healthy cardiovascular system, and the chance to widen your social circles because you have lots of opportunities to meet other dog owners or dog lovers.


  1. Helps prevent feelings of depression due to isolation


Those who already have physical limitations such as those who can’t walk or those who have problems with hearing or eyesight tend to feel isolation because of their current health condition will live longer if they owned a pet. Having a pet is like having a companion on a regular basis, yes they may not be able to talk to you but they have their own way of communication how much they care for you.


  1. Helps seniors regain their sense of purpose


Many seniors become sedentary at some point and often this leads to feeling of purposelessness. Instead of living this kind of life, having a pet or two will help them regain their purpose because pets are like children that require care which is why pet owners are always up on their toes as they go about providing for the needs of a great friend and companion.


  1. They offer companionship that has no boundaries


If you live alone coming home to an empty house will also make you feel lonely and empty. Having pets will ease tired feelings as your own little kids would especially when you enter the door and they are there to greet you with that wide and happy grin.


As we age there a number of helpful tools like the electric lift chair or walkers with wheels that make life easier.  But there is probably nothing more simple and rewarding that can extend the lives of seniors as having and caring for a pet.


Now that you know how pets for seniors can help you live longer because they connect with you on the mental, emotional, as well as the physical level. So, after taking these things into consideration, isn’t it time for you to get a pet and start living longer?