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How an Electric Lift Chair Will Help You Enjoy Life More


An electric lift chair is not like your ordinary chair rather it is a device that helps seniors and even non seniors who have issues with mobility reposition themselves.



The electric lift chair has the capacity to safely move a person from a standing position to a sitting position down to a reclining position with just pushing a button.


An electric lift chair was invented to answer the problem of giving seniors a way to ease the pain that happens when you try to sit down from a standing position and vice versa.


Thus this very helpful type of a recliner chair effectively removes the difficulty that is associated with moving to or from a seated position and offers freedom for those who have now have restrictions in mobility.


The Three Primary Types of Lift Chairs


Electric Lift ChairThere are three types of lift chairs powered by electricity:


The two position lift chair is the type that can be moved from a normal sitting position to a reclining position in a 45 degree angle.


The second type is the three-position electricity powered lift chair which with the push of a button can move from a standing position to an almost 180 degree position.


Finally the last type of lift chair is the infinite position chair which you can position in the way described in the previous type. The difference between this type and the previous one is that there are separate controls for the back of the chair and the foot rest when the back is reclined, the foot rest moves up as well.


If you are one who has mobility issues, owning an electric lift chair will surely be heaven sent and will allow you to enjoy your life more. Here are the reasons why:


  • They are safe for your constantly aching back and/or joints. Thus getting up or sitting down will become easier and more convenient because from a sitting position, the chair slowly moves you to an upright position while at the same time support your back while from a standing position, you will simply stand against the chair, push a button and you are slowly moved from an upright ato a sitting position. 
  • The second reason why this type of chair will help you enjoy life more is because this chair is covered by Medicare, at lest the motor parts any way. This is not bad considering that motor parts don’t come cheap thus the money that you have saved is something that you can use for other purposes.  Further if this chair was prescribed by your doctor, you may be reimbursed by medicare. 
  • The third reason why the electric lift chair will benefit your life more is the fact that they are designed to look like your ordinary cushioned chair. This chair comes in various colors of leather upholstery and other fabrics which allow it to blend with the existing theme of your living room. 
  • The fourth reason is that this chair can accommodate various size individuals as they also come in different sizes. 
  • The fifth reason is that if you purchase this chair online you will avail of huge discounts which will allow you to save more money which you can spend for other things. 
  • The sixth reason is that to be able to save more money you can purchase these chairs used. 
  • The seventh reason is that you can sit here all day and with the push of a button you can immediately be in a lying down position which is conducive to sleeping or watching TV. 
  • The last reason is that having this kind of chair gives you the degree of freedom and unassisted mobility that you so desire. 


With all these reasons will buying electric lift chair be a good investment? The answer is yes because with this you will be able to enjoy life some more due to the enormous comfort that this chair provides.