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How to Buy an Electric Lift Chair

An electric lift chair is something that will be very helpful to any one who has the mobility issue of getting up from a sitting position without feeling pain.

This is because an electric lift chair is designed to help the person using it to stand or sit carefully at the push of a button on the chair or on the chair’s remote control.

This chair works by easily and steadily rising its occupant to an almost upright po

sition when he or she wants to exit the chair.

Likewise, if the owner wants to return to the sitting position, he or she can stand against the electric lift chair and be gently sat down at the push of a button.

Electric Lift Chair LeatherThere is a variety of lift chairs available today and it is important that you are able to choose the right one that will address your needs. Doing so ensures that you buy the right product that gives more value for your money, which is what is important given the economy that we have today.

So here are things that you should put into mind first before you go out and get yourself a powered lift chair:

What is your height?
Height is an important consideration because these chairs come in many sizes. You should find the right chair that can accommodate your height because if not your situation will be aggravated resulting to more pain on your back.

What is your weight?
Weight is another important matter because you will be setting your weight against the chair. If you are too heavy for the chair there is the danger that you will damage the lifting mechanism.

The good news is that most chairs can hold anywhere from 375 lbs up to 450 lbs of weight but if you are more than that you can have one custom made for you. Of course you must be prepared to pay extra.

What accessories would you like to have?
 There are those who want their electricity driven chairs to have extra features that makes it more comfortable. Massage is a great feature to have because it relaxes your stiff back muscles while you are sitting down watching TV or reading a book.

Which hand do you favor?
Another great news is that this chair comes in either right or left handed control position, a good thing for those who already have some weakness on either hand.

When choosing an electric lift chair be sure that you will be able to see and identify which buttons to use in operating the chair. This ensures that you are able to use the chair properly for you to maximize its lifespan.

Also see to it that the battery back up power system, a feature that is built into more modern models of powered recliners are operational and really does work. This is of great importance in the event of a power cut because this keeps the user from getting stranded on the chair.

Aside from sitting are you going to use the chair for sleeping?
If you are planning on sleeping on the chair then you will need to decide between a slight recline position which is great for watching TV, reading, or sleeping but with regards to the latter part this may not be as comfortable as when your are fully reclined. There are two types of lift chairs: 2 position lift chair and 3 position lift chair.

For the former type of lift chair, has a slight recline position where your thighs will stay at a 90-degree angle. For the latter, you can reposition the chair to a fully reclined position, which allows for more comfortable sleeping plus it even allows you to lift your feet above the heart, a good feature for those who have vascular problems in the legs.

One last tip before you buy a lift chair. Be sure that what you buy is something that you really can affor, but has high quality.

Unfortunately, Medicare stopped reimbursing lift chairs since the early 90s but don’t despair because they will instead reimburse the electric lift chair mechanism and motor, which will usually fetch you around 300 or so dollars.