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How to Select a Retirement Home


Although many seniors remain living independently in their homes their entire lives there are times when there is a need to select a retirement home.


That process can be confusing but with the help you will receive here, how to select a retirement home will be much easier.



Living in a retirement home presents great benefits to the elderly.


But before getting too far, since the term retirement home can refer to the many types of housing that the elderly can live in, there is a need to outline first the different types of housing that are available for the elderly in the list below:



Types of Retrement Home Facilities Where Seniors Can Retire


  • Nursing Home (NH): This is a place where care is provided to seniors in many age levels who cannot live by themselves because of emotional trauma, lingering illnesses, problems with ambulation, and mental problems. 


  • Assisted Living or Residential Care (AL): As the name implies, this is the type of housing where assistance is provided to the senior in their daily activities. Assistance provided will be in the form of medical supervision through a nurse for taking medicines, ambulation, personal hygiene, meals, and even dressing up.


  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs): These are facilities that offer lifetime care for their residents by providing nursing care as well as independent and assisted living. Other than that other services such as housekeeping, laundry, and meals are also provided as well as recreational activities designed to keep seniors active. 


  • Specialized Services: These are retirement homes that provide services for those elderly who have specific needs. For instance, they provide special assistance to those who have mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, special assistance for kidney dialysis and care, and they also provide adult day care for those seniors who live with their families but need constant monitoring with their medical care, socialization, and physical activities during the day only. 


How To Make The Right Choice in Selecting a Retirement Home


There are a lot of factors that you need to think about that need careful consideration when it comes to choosing a retirement home for your favorite senior.


  • Many states regulate and issue licenses to places of retirement Therefore when considering a particular senior facility, always ask for a valid license issued by the state where the retirement facility is located. 
  • In addition to being state registered, many places of retirement are required to include a standardized disclosure statement in their contract with their clients. You should request a copy of the contract for your own safekeeping and reference. 
  • Don’t hesitate to ask state regulated facilities for a copy of the latest inspection report and take notice of safety violations 
  • Of course if you opt for assisted living, see to it that the nurse or doctor they provide has a valid license. 
  • Consider the activities that you deem important and can be done by your favorite senior and see if the facility offers such. 
  • When you visit a facility always ask what personal belongings your senior is allowed to bring in. 
  • Also see to it that you know what you’re paying for, does it include meals and snacks or are you going to be the one to prepare and bring the meal with you. 
  • When in confusion, you can always ask family members and well-meaning friends if they can refer you to a good retirement place. 
  • Try to visit as many places as you can and try to observe how the staff treats their residents and their visiting relatives and even each other. 
  • Find out if senior residents are allowed to bring a pet with them. Many retirement places do allow this but with restrictions as to the size of the animal. 
  • Do consider your budget when choosing a retirement community as they vary in services and therefore vary in costs. For instance if the facility only has basic accommodation then the costs may be cheaper but if the facility has other amenities then you’ll have to dig deeper in your pockets for cash to support the extra costs. 
  • Do take not of “hidden costs” which may come with such simple things as laundry and housekeeping. There are facilities that include this in the monthly payment but there are other facilities that provide this for a fee. 
  • The last consideration is what you’re choosing the retirement home for. There are those who opt for this when they need someone to take care of the elderly for rehabilitation purposes such as after a stroke. 


If your senior is not quite at the stage they need a retirement home there are many helpful tools and furniture pieces that can make independent living easier. Some of these include the electric lift chair or even phones for hard of hearing. You can find these online in many styles and at various price ranges.


But when it comes time for the retirement home step for your senior, now you are armed with the necessary information to make a well informed decision.