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There are many other helpful tools for seniors available on the market today. Here are a few websites that offers help to seniors and the elderly, especially those with mobility, hearing and vision challenges. These assistive living aids can make life less challenging for senior citizens.

Many seniors use computers, but the problem can be that the keyboards are diffuclt to see. Having a special designed large print keyboard can be a real help. These computer keyboards have over sized letters and are often back lit so they are much easier to see. They can also be helpful if a person has large fingers or dexterity challenges.

For persons with hearing that is diminishing there are special phones for hard of hearing that can make life much easier. These phones often come with big buttons and the ability to turn up the volume very loud so they caller can be heard better. As well, phones of this nature also have ringers that are quite loud.

For elderly with mobility challenges a helpful tool that will assist with walking about are walkers with wheels.  These come in various versions with 3 wheels or 4 wheels and even seats, pouches, trays and compartments for storage.

Many seniors like to travel, but as they become older they are more prone to accidents and illness that can have an effect on the vacation. That is why when they hit 70 travel insurance can be a good decision. This is special insurance for seniors that quite often covers problems that can happen to the elderly.

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