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Top Ways for Seniors to Save Money

Many elderly live on a small income that is why there is a need to learn ways for seniors to save money.

There are no special skills needed to be able to carry out these ways for seniors to save money, all it takes is usually becoming frugal and making wise choices when it comes to spending cash.

By saving money means that the senior will be left with more money to spend for other important things.

Here are great tips that will surely help the elderly community be able to stretch their income and be able to save some more for unexpected expenditures.

Ways for seniors to save money1. Make A Budget This tip actually applies not only for seniors but also every one who wants to save money. Budgeting is practical and is one of the basic ways for seniors to save money.

A senior can do this by keeping track of his expenses and planning on how much she or he spends on a weekly basis, leaving his ATM cards, checkbook, and other money equivalents at home and just bring with him or her enough money for his expenses.

2. Shop Wisely Seniors should plan or make a list of the things together with the cost of what he or she needs to buy before he or she goes to the malls. After listing down those things, the senior should take just enough cash with him to avoid impulse buying or spending for something unplanned.

For frequently used things, seniors should consider buying in bulk. This usually applies to toiletries, detergent, and vitamins. Of course buying in bulk means spending more cash outright but in the long run this is better because the buyer will only get to spend a hefty sum once but gets to enjoy the product for a long time.

3. Save On Gasoline For seniors who can still do their own driving, to be able to save on gasoline they should regularly check that their tires are properly inflated, the engine if it's still properly operating, the gas cap if it fits snuggly to prevent gas from evaporating easily, and that the trunk should be cleaned of heavy stuff because this makes the engine work double thus more gas to be consumed.

4. Save On Energy Bills It is highly recommended that air conditioning be checked regularly if it's still functioning properly and burned out or incandescent light bulbs should be changed at the soonest possible time with energy saving light. Turning off lights when not in use and remembering that an old refrigerator is also an energy waster also helps to save on energy bills.

5. Discounts The next tip in this list of ways for seniors to save money are senior citizen discounts are one of best ways to save money thus this should be taken advantage of as much as possible. Watch out for discounts at malls especially during the holidays

Many movie theaters and restaurants regularly give such to their patron that is if they ask. A senior can also check out local malls to see if they give out discount cards for the elderly.

6. Travel Seniors should consider getting memberships to AAA or AARP to get discounts in their travels. The members of the former will definitely save money from flights, hotels, and car rentals while the latter which is the foremost organization for the elderly allows members to save on hotels, dining, airline tickets, and even famous attractions at the destination.

Another way to save on airline tickets is to buy them online because this is where the lowest fares are being offered. If the senior wants to travel during the holidays where fare is typically more expensive he or she can book in advance while tickets are more affordable.

Seniors should also consider getting travel insurance before taking a vacation.  That way if they are unable to go due to an unexpected illness they will get a good portion of their money refunded.  Especially helpful is 70 travel insurance for the elderly that are age 70 and older.

7. Entertainment Who says entertainment can only come in movie houses? You can always go to your local college and support their plays and other school related activities that aim to entertain. These are cheaper or sometimes they are even free.

8. Medications When it comes to medications you can always ask your doctor to prescribe generic medicines.

Having learned of these ways for seniors to save money now is the time to actually put these into motion and save thousands of dollars.