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Great Vacation Ideas for Seniors

Looking for vacation ideas for seniors--we've got them here!

Vacations are not just for the young.  Seniors enjoy traveling as well and often have more time to get away. 

Seniors find traveling a great way to spend those leisure times hence we’ve come up with these fantastic vacation ideas for seniors.

Going places is also a great way for seniors to overcome boredom after retirement and also to be in new places where they can meet new people.

Although there are many fun places to go to and fun things they can do seniors must realistic with their goals and their vacation plans.

vacation ideas for seniorsFor instance, where they travel they might enjoy night spots but they must also be aware of their bed time schedules; another example is they should also take heed of doctor’s advice before traveling to ensure that health related concerns are addressed before they go to their destination.

Seniors may also want to consider travel insurance to protect them in case they are unable to go on a vacation if they get sick or are injured.  Especially heplful is 70 Travel Insurance for those seniors wanting to vacation that are older.

Here is a list of vacation ideas for seniors that they will enjoy and have so much fun they will no doubt want to repeat over and over again.

Adventure Trips

Who says adventure trips are for the young only? Just because we are dealing with seniors it doesn’t mean they can’t visit mountain parks, petting zoos, and other wildlife sanctuaries whether it is in land or ocean.

One fine example of a great adventure destination that is senior friendly is Boulder, Colorado which has the perfect location of being at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Seniors can do day walking which is best done in the morning to get used to the weather and thin air and also to avoid crowds.

There are three places in Boulder which is great for day walking and they are: Mt. Sanitas Trail Loop, Chataqua, and the Boulder Creek Path. When in Boulder, the weather changes suddenly therefore at whatever time, seniors should bring or wear jacket or sweatshirt and that proper trekking attire should be worn at all times.

Another great place to go to on an adventure trip is a trip to Alaska where seniors can do whale watching aside from the usual watching of wildlife that are endemic to the place. Sailing the “Inside Passage” affords the senior breathtaking panoramic views while traveling in Alaska through the famous Alaska Railroad also gives visitors a glimpse of Alaskan wildlife.

Photo Walks

Another highly recommended and fun thing to do in this list of vacation ideas for seniors is going on a photo walk.

A photo walk is when a photographer takes his camera and goes to places that are either familiar or unfamiliar and just takes random pictures of anything that takes his or her fancy.

This can be fun for a senior especially he or she is someone who enjoys photography. Further, this activity can be done anywhere a senior wishes to go for instance if he or she lives in Arizona, he or she should head on to Antelope Canyon a part of the Navajo Reservation where there is a guided tour that will be lead by a Navajo Indian.


Going on a cruise is also another great vacation idea that seniors can really appreciate. There are many cruises that are seniors friendly, all they have to do is surf the Internet for such tours, recommendations, and the corresponding money they should be spending for their trip.

Miscellaneous Ideas

Who says zoos are overrated? Seniors can still have fun visiting a zoo because some of these places give their visitors the chance to pet animals that are not dangerous. This is also a great way to educate themselves on life forms they’ve previously not encountered in real life.

Another wonderful notion that deserves to be included in this list of vacation ideas for seniors is planning on taking the trip to see grandchildren get married. This vacation will be a great get away because it let’s grand kids know that they are loved and cherished.